PS: For Those Above 3

Dear diary, Imagine going with your family to a family friend's house and when they serve you food, they serve your dad the largest, followed by your mum and then you, the last born, gets the smallest. Well, welcome to Africa where the size of your food is determined by your agešŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚. Then, if you're … Continue reading PS: For Those Above 3

I Can Drive…I ThinkĀ 

Dear diary, So, I'm 17 and I haven't started driving lessons yet.  I've told my mum like 50 million times about it but she's super busy all the time. I don't blame her because, now that I work, I know what it's like to be super busy all the time. Plus, I don't remind her … Continue reading I Can Drive…I ThinkĀ 

I’m A Woman and I’m So Proud!

Dear diary, I've been so serious recently I think it's time for something lighter. Happy International Women's Day! I hope you celebrated the women in your life today. I heard a lot of ladies complain to the men around them that they didn't get them anything. They said it with light tones like it was … Continue reading I’m A Woman and I’m So Proud!

These Strangers Like Me

Dear diary, I just watched Tarzan again for the hundredth time. My favorite song from the movie, Strangers Like Me by Phil Driscoll, is currently playing. The movie is one of the most beautiful Disney movies ever. The whole movie is something every teenager can relate to. We're all playing Tarzan in our own epic … Continue reading These Strangers Like Me

I’m a Miniature, Celebrity Ticking Time Bomb II

Dear diary, So, last week I posted something about the pressure of being the child of your parents.Ā If you haven't read it yet, you can read itĀ here. Our parents have helped create an image of the people we want to or do not want to be. It doesn't necessarily have to be about their occupation. … Continue reading I’m a Miniature, Celebrity Ticking Time Bomb II

I’m A Miniature, Celebrity Ticking Time BombĀ 

Dear diary, It's Wednesday so I'll be dropping a poem for you. Before that, though, I want to talk about the intense pressure of being the child of your parents. So, my parents are quite successful in the fields they work in. I was doing a presentation at my office last week and one of … Continue reading I’m A Miniature, Celebrity Ticking Time BombĀ 

New Beginnings

Dear diary, It's 2017!!!!!!!!! Welcome! Welcome!! Welcome!!! I'm super excited for this new year. I don't know about you but I have such high hopes for the year. So many new things are coming my way and I'm so excited. I hope you'll enjoy reading my blog now more than ever. So, according to our … Continue reading New Beginnings

Tree of Time

Dear diary, Iā€™m emotionally exhausted One full year of absolute confusion Asking myself if I should be happy or if happiness is truly worth it Weird especially since I know what bliss should feel like Yet, I wonder if I want it when I know that itā€™ll last only for a while The voice of … Continue reading Tree of Time

Beauty and Brains

Dear diary,

Please just read till the end. I think it’s beautifully written!

Phenomenal woman

You donā€™t know what you want. You think you do, but you have no idea. You want ā€˜a woman with brainsā€™, but you donā€™t want an educated woman whoā€™s intellectually eclectic, opinionated, outspoken and too successful. You donā€™t what a woman who asks a lot of questions. You see, for a lot of you, brains is a concept of beauty. You think of a woman with brains on the surface level. Your idea of a woman with brains is a woman who knows how to wear a skirt and lean over a desk. ā€˜A woman with brainsā€™, yet you donā€™t like feminists. In fact, you hate us. You cant stand us. The truth is that feminism is not entirely stupid to you. You just donā€™t understand it and that is why it scares you. You are intimidated by an entire society of feminists. We make you uncomfortable with our ā€˜questionsā€™ā€¦

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New Year Reso…

Dear diary, Merry Christmas! I know I'm late but I really hope y'all have enjoyed the last few days. Even if you haven't had fun, it's never too late to make yourself and other people happy. I was also wondering if you guys are making any new year resolutions for 2017. I know people say … Continue reading New Year Reso…