El Casa Púrpura

via Daily Prompt: Purple Dear diary, Today I'm going to drop a few facts about myself. I think it's a bit odd that you read this and don't know much about me. So, I'm going to let you step into The Purple House today. 10 Facts about Moi  My full name is Jemima Oyindiepereye Raine … Continue reading El Casa Púrpura

I’m A Miniature, Celebrity Ticking Time Bomb 

Dear diary, It's Wednesday so I'll be dropping a poem for you. Before that, though, I want to talk about the intense pressure of being the child of your parents. So, my parents are quite successful in the fields they work in. I was doing a presentation at my office last week and one of … Continue reading I’m A Miniature, Celebrity Ticking Time Bomb 

The Orthodox Box I

Dear diary, I hate the box Yet the box is me It's what they all see When they look at me But is it truly me? When I look in the mirror That's me The box is what they made for me It's how they programmed me They want me to be like them So … Continue reading The Orthodox Box I

Overdose of Emotion

Dear diary, OVERDOSE Emotions are swirling in my heart like lava in a volcano I'm a volcano I've hurt you over and over again And we just choose to ignore like nothing happened Ignorance is bliss Ignorance is bliss I hate it You allow me to touch your heart and then you push me away … Continue reading Overdose of Emotion

The Tale of the Sun Dance

Dear diary, The sun and the moon went to the dance And held each other in a cobra like trance He fell in love with her, craters and all And saw beauty that she never before saw She touched him and got burnt but it felt good She didn't want to tame the flames that … Continue reading The Tale of the Sun Dance