Hey, hey, hey beautiful people! How's everyone doing today? I'm feeling particularly beautiful despite the chill in Lagos right now with all the rain that's been falling. And this is coming from me who is basically allergic to cold.  Anyway, I'm not talking about the cold today. I'm talking about one of the hottest things … Continue reading Warm

I Can Drive…I Think 

Dear diary, So, I'm 17 and I haven't started driving lessons yet.  I've told my mum like 50 million times about it but she's super busy all the time. I don't blame her because, now that I work, I know what it's like to be super busy all the time. Plus, I don't remind her … Continue reading I Can Drive…I Think 

I’m A Woman and I’m So Proud!

Dear diary, I've been so serious recently I think it's time for something lighter. Happy International Women's Day! I hope you celebrated the women in your life today. I heard a lot of ladies complain to the men around them that they didn't get them anything. They said it with light tones like it was … Continue reading I’m A Woman and I’m So Proud!

These Strangers Like Me

Dear diary, I just watched Tarzan again for the hundredth time. My favorite song from the movie, Strangers Like Me by Phil Driscoll, is currently playing. The movie is one of the most beautiful Disney movies ever. The whole movie is something every teenager can relate to. We're all playing Tarzan in our own epic … Continue reading These Strangers Like Me

I’m a Miniature, Celebrity Ticking Time Bomb II

Dear diary, So, last week I posted something about the pressure of being the child of your parents. If you haven't read it yet, you can read it here. Our parents have helped create an image of the people we want to or do not want to be. It doesn't necessarily have to be about their occupation. … Continue reading I’m a Miniature, Celebrity Ticking Time Bomb II

Love Story – Episode 1: I’m Not A Letter, Abeg

Dear diary,  It's the beginning of another series! Yayyyy! So what's in store for us in this new series?  It's the month of love guys! I'm sure y'all are laughing at me cause I'm, like, so late. Please do forgive me 😂😂😂 So I was thinking what to write for this month. I mean what … Continue reading Love Story – Episode 1: I’m Not A Letter, Abeg

I’m A Miniature, Celebrity Ticking Time Bomb 

Dear diary, It's Wednesday so I'll be dropping a poem for you. Before that, though, I want to talk about the intense pressure of being the child of your parents. So, my parents are quite successful in the fields they work in. I was doing a presentation at my office last week and one of … Continue reading I’m A Miniature, Celebrity Ticking Time Bomb 

Social Media or No Social Media

Dear diary,
Have you noticed that there are some songs that when you watch the video it just gives you joy? I was watching the video of No Limits by Usher this morning and I was just smiling all through. I don’t even really like the song but that video just brought back all my dreams of being a dancer (doesn’t seem to be happening soon, though😩). I watched it over and over again. It’s just really nice. I feel the same way when I watch the video of Guillotine by Jon Bellion. I absolutely love that song and the video was just the icing on the cake.

I was watching Blackish yesterday (I’ve been watching a whole lot of stuff recently😂😂) and the major topic on the episode I was watching was social media and its dangers. It reminded me that I had written something in social media before. It’s been quite a while so I’m re-posting it for all of you who haven’t read it. I hope you enjoy it.

Keelie's Diary

Dear diary,

Oh, dear. It’s been quite a while since I wrote to you and truly I am sorry. The good news is I’m back and with a very troubling observation that I’m hoping will catch everyones attention. I frequently use whatsapp and BBM to chat and communicate to my friends when we are not together. And truly, I thank God for technology for without it so much would still be so hard to accomplish. Yet I sat in my room one day and ached for a friend. I looked at my phone and saw that I had numerous messages from my friends yet I ignored them all. That was really rude of me, true, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. It was then that I realised that it’s not the same. When you see someone in person and when you talk to them on those apps, it’s just…

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It’s Story Time!

Dear diary, Guess who's over at my house right now? My entire family! Okay, so I'm slightly over exaggerating. It's just my aunties and cousins from my dad's side. Omg they're so noisy but this is super fun because I haven't seen them in such a long time. And they are some of the most … Continue reading It’s Story Time!

Apparently Black People Don’t Age🤔

Dear diary, Hi! So, this is my very first Black Friday post. Black Friday on Keelie's Diary is basically a celebration of all the things that make black people who they are, flaws included. Coincidentally, Google is celebrating a Nigerian writer, late Flora Nwapa, today. She's considered the mother of modern African literature and truly … Continue reading Apparently Black People Don’t Age🤔